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Mahogany makes up the beams in the ceiling as well as down the walls.  There are large columns, windows, and a grand staircase as you enter the house.

According to historical data, the staircase was built and torn down seven times before Mrs. Burnett was completely satisfied.


The outside of the mansion is surrounded by huge columns supporting a two-story front porch. In addition, columns also support a covered circle drive.  

The large wrap-around porch with a bench swing provides an inviting and welcoming space for outdoor entertaining.

Bates Burnett made his money in oil and wanted a grand home to be a featured attraction in Sapulpa. The 6,500 square foot plantation-style home was built to be a great place to entertain.


Among many unique features of this house is the "Card Room", which has a private entry door arrayed with a 14-Karat gold "B". The room was used by Mr. Burnett to entertain his friends, where they would drink, smoke, and play cards.

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